About Us :

Our Vision :

  1. Our primary goal is to prevent/reduce chronic diseases specifically obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular problems (such as low/high BP), Thyroid disease, PCOS etc.
  2. To improve people's financial condition by preventing the complication/worsening of above diseases (such as hyperlipidemia, stroke, blindness, kidney failure, need for dialysis, neuropathy, ulceration of the foot requiring amputation, angina, atherosclerosis, heart attack etc).
  3. To stop/minimize the medication errors & excess drug consumption by monitoring and guiding the affected individual.
  4. To increase the life expectancy of people’s which inturn increases the productivity and development of the Nation.
  5. To reduce unemployment and to improve the Indian economy by increasing primary, secondary and tertiary production.
  6. Overall our focus is to improve the quality of people's life and thereby increase their happiness and development of the Nation.

Our Mission :

  • To establish "Recreation Center" at every 2-4 km radius and thereby provide easily assessable facility for exercise under scientific trainer and medical monitoring. "Recreation Center" is a center which facilitates an environment for physical and mental exercise such as Yoga, Martial Art, Bharatanatyam, Aerobic and Gym for the health improvement of Women, Men and Children at highly economic price (If possible free) under medical monitoring.
  • Conduct Awareness programs (regarding unhealthy food, medication error, career building etc).
  • Conduct Scientific Workshop for children and thereby increase the confidence and learning process.
  • Facilitate indoor games and energy boosting events for people’s especially Senior Citizen.
  • To improve the financial condition of primary sector by forming a bridge between the farmers and consumers.
  • Undertake other activity such as creating a platform to share knowledge and skills. And also aid to transform the knowledge and skills to industrialization and thereby reduce unemployment.
(Note: Trust never supports any activities that are not consistent with the vision/object of the trust).